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Woven Label

Woven labels give the premium touch to your brand, and they are the most common type of label used on clothing, garment products or even furniture.

Printed Label

Printed labels are made on a variety of materials including, satin polyester, coated polyester, iron-on, nylon, and twill weave.

Printed labels are mostly sewn inside the clothing, and feature details such as care instructions. Some big brands may print different languages on the same labels. This helps them to save on printing costs, because the label is costed per design, not the total quantity of labels.

Heat Transfer

Heat Transfer labels, also known as "tag-less tags", are a great option for customers who want to brand their clothing without the bulk of a woven or printed label.

The heat transfers are very high quality and stand up through dozens of washes without fading or chipping away. Your branding stays for dozens and dozens of washes and no one can rip them out! Heat press is commonly used on T-shirt and sportswear, to minimise the friction between the labels and the skin.



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